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Key Reasons

We have extensive experience in the public and private sectors.

We’ve worked in the federal government. We’ve worked for D.C. government. We’ve worked in boutique law firms. While we would never trade those experiences, we appreciate the opportunity to help people who need a tenacious advocate with an unwavering commitment to providing excellent, cost-effective legal services. 

Our clients trust us with their livelihoods.

Our clients’ problems affect their finances, their families, and their futures. We take on their problems because we believe every underdog needs a champion. This mantra informs every step we take. That’s why our clients trust us with their livelihoods.

We are lean litigators.

We represent people in court, administrative hearings, and alternative dispute resolution. Our experience has taught what is important for litigation and what can be safely ignored. 

We are skilled advocates and negotiators on paper and in person.

We’re comfortable in courtrooms. Yet we appreciate that meaningful victories sometimes come from persuading the other side outside a courtroom. We fight with experience and grit.

We practice because we’re committed to service.

We make every client's problem our own, because we care about every client. We work tirelessly when a client’s case isn’t going well, because we’re resourceful and resilient. We understand that the legal profession should be a service profession. Our focus on client service drives our practice.

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